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Himulak:  built on exploration​, spontaneity, and storytelling.

Himulak is a unique architectural creation in the Busuanga-Coron archipelago. It not only functions as a micro-hotel, but it is also a base for exploration towards many discoveries.

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Sleep in a unique lodge design

A sustainable and creative accommodation, we have its terrace for the soft hours, an unusual bathroom "garden" (hot water), one (or 2) large beds covered with a sheet in vegetable fiber "Banig" of the craftsmen of Conception. The rooms are protected as much as staged by windows inlaid with a light mosquito net. Everything is ready for you and more.

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Go to places you've always dreamed of

As part of your stay, a tropical adventure is planned each day, to choose from the wide range of experiences offered by our lodge. We take a bangka (outrigger boat) on crystal clear water to explore coral gardens and Japanese shipwrecks, escorted by dugongs and turtles. The possibilities of islands seem like the visibility extends to infinity.

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Embrace the unexpected and immerse yourself in the extraordinary

Your Himulak is a base of exploration and we are on an archipelago (Busuanga) of 98 islands, promises of white sand and vibrant underwater life. We like to make you discover the archipelago differently, far from the clichés and the all traced roads, through 100% customizable explorations and always accompanied by sincere and passionate people.


Our story

We have created a small Eco Lodge with an adventurous charm, inspired by the Filipino Bahay Kubo, a rural house where family life took place under the sloping roofs with wooden frames... Our lodge functions as a base camp away from the hustle and bustle of Coron, the place you'll want to go to put your bag down and get away from the crowds.

Why Himulak?

Himulak keeps what I call "an extra soul", this little something that makes all the difference between the impersonal and the favorite. Far from being a luxury accommodation, it is worth the detour and sometimes even deserves a standalone adventure. Often you feel at home there, sometimes you feel totally different. It is distinguished by its unique atmosphere, its incredible location, but especially by the originality and talent of its team.

Himulak Chambre, Pour ce faire, d'anciennes chambres de familles à l’architecture typiquement Palaweño reconvertie en petite adresse cosy et pleine de charme

Maxi Adventure

Live the adventure like a real local

Paradise islands, lost corners, deserted beaches, turquoise waters, island-hopping, sunshine, stunning seabeds, high black limestone cliffs, smiles on your lips and in your eyes ... nothing more is needed to describe this dream stay in Busuanga. Four days/three nights to immerse yourself in the lodge and travel to the rhythm of the tides on a private bangka (wooden outrigger boat, flanked by bamboo floats).

Covid-19 Update: February 2022


Liberated, delivered! 
A cry of joy, a cry of love. To freedom, to mangoes on the warm sand, to the hubbub of Coron, to the clatter of the waves, to the ballet of the Bancas on Kayangan Lake. 

It is a first step towards the return to normalcy. For Himulak, it is not a question of burning the stages, of forgetting that he will have to deal with new administrative protocols, will have to integrate smoothly in a very different landscape. The latter have not disappeared, but presented not without reason, as a return to the sources of the adventure, Himulak will have to deal with new occupants of the islands visited, determine the conditions of reception of our boats within creeks, beaches that have been partly privatized under the effect of economic pressure from Covid and investors.

A thousand times postponed, the reopening should finally take place for the vacations of All Saints' Day 2023



Exploration expédition en bateau privé à coron twin lagoon

Confidential and ultra customized explorations

Welcome to Himulak. Take a breath, put yourself at the local rhythm, now there is only to create your adventure from A to Z, after a first briefing, you get acquainted with Jo a kind of unlisted adventurer, he will pass on to you the keys of these secret corners so that you can feel in harmony with the local populations and so venture further, far from the hubbub of mass tourism. And here we go for a navigation from island to island on a gradation of blues through wonderful landscapes.


Everything included

Designed to offer more inclusions, revealing hands-on explorations, interactions with locals and we offer you the opportunity to bring your personal touch to the adventure for even more discoveries.

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Airport / port transfer at any time on day 1. Transfer on the last day, anywhere on Busuanga Island.

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Private Banca explorations to choose from a wide range of experiences: site fees, snorkeling equipment and all our other adventures included.

Icone Himulak San Miguel Beer

Full board, pampered with delicious local flavors. All drinks included: water, soft drinks, coffee, tea, fruit juices, local alcohols.

Himulak Coron: Lodge d'exploration pour découvrir l'un des plus beaux endroits du monde, Palawan

Hello here the Himulak team, ready to answer all your questions if you want to live a travel experience like no other ! Looking for the right date, advice for your stay ? Tell us everything!

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